Responsible Gaming

Poker Kolkata aims to condone a responsible poker gaming environment in the city as well as within the cyber poker field. It is our mission to provide our readers and followers with the most entertaining and insightful local poker news as well as prevent any sort of compulsive usage or underage access to the mind game of poker.

As a responsible and lawfully regulated gaming blog we stand to comply with all the guidelines within the state law. Poker Kolkata ensures that all the poker information mentioned in our blog are offered properly and maintained with complete transparency and is closely monitored to offer player protection.

In order to ensure responsible poker gaming Poker Kolkata advices players to not put inaccurate or dishonest information on any poker gaming site as they may have their winnings forfeited and could even undergo criminal prosecution.

We also advise you to consider if playing games a lot feels like a hindrance to your life instead of just being a source of entertainment, then help yourself by asking these questions:

  1. Have you ever lost time from work or school due to gaming?
  2. Are you neglecting your own welfare or your family due to gaming?
  3. Have you ever had to sell or borrow to play?


If the answers to most of these questions are Yes then we would like to encourage players to take some time off the game and get help if deemed necessary.
While many things that are entertaining in moderation often get disastrous when done excessively.